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1. The terms “disintegration” and “breakdown” are often used in discussing families these days. Are families disintegrating? Breaking down? Explain your answer and reasoning in a detailed paragraph.

2. Summarize the research found in the article entitled “Do Family Meals Really Make a Difference? (Cook and Dunifon, 2012) provided in the link below. In your summary be sure to note which finding was most compelling to you and why. What can you do now or in the future to ensure more family mealtime?  Be descriptive in your response.  

Do Family Meals Really Make a Difference?

3. First, read the “Survey of Communication Study/Chapter 9 – Interpersonal Communication” (pp. 7-9) found in the Week 7 Learning Resources and then answer these questions. Does Pearson’s definition of family fit your own? Why? Why not?;jsessionid=8C5455F914120D3AAA26EFFA374DD651?doi=

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