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Step 1 // For each cultural dimension, describe the main aspects of the dimension and define what it means for a culture to “be” it (example: what does it mean for a culture to “be” individualistic? How does this affect their communication, education system, etc.)
Step 2 // Describe where you believe your culture falls in each dimension set (ex: more towards individualism or more towards collectivism) and discuss what makes you believe so. Give many examples by researching your culture in these dimensions as well as discussing your family/cultural values with personal stories and examples. 
Your responses should be in complete sentences, checking spelling and grammar. You should use the text for support in defining/identifying the dimensions. Your response should be about 2 – 3 pages double-spaced with 12-point font
Cultural Dimension
High power distance
Low power distance
High uncertainty avoidance
Low uncertainty avoidance
Long-term orientation
Short-term orientation
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