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English homework help

 In your essay, enter the conversation over the effects of  digital  technology  by,  first,  summarizing  and explaining  the  different  positions  in  the  debate, presented in the chapter “Are We in a Race Against the Machine”,  and  then  by  clearly  explaining  your  own position on the topic.
IMPORTANT SUGGESTIONS: Use the templates to frame different ideas about digital technology expressed by the authors and to set up your own main ideas. Remember that entering the conversation means that you understand what the others in the conversation are saying, can accurately summarize their ideas and respond to those ideas by either agreeing, disagreeing, or agreeing and disagreeing simultaneously. It is up to you to decide what you want to say about these issues. Also, it is important to understand that this essay should not merely summarize what the authors are saying: you should explain their claims, illustrate them and offer your own responses to their ideas. Keep referring to They Say/I Say for ways to use the templates to frame summaries and explanations of the authors’ ideas as well as your responses to the authors. In addition, use the templates to present your supporting details from the essays and to provide clear transitions between your points.
Assume that your reader wants your essay to be written in an easy to follow manner, so make sure to have a clearly written thesis statement as the last sentence of your introductory paragraph. Do not make your introduction longer that seven or eight sentences.  End the essay with a concluding paragraph that gives the reader a sense of closure. USING TIMES NEW ROMANS FONT 12…… ESSAY MUST BE DOUBLED SPACE … 5 pages