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English homework help

Read each statement in worksheet.
Analyze each statement and source for credibility.
Write a 50- to 90-word analysis for each statement.
· Identify if the language used is clear or vague.
· Determine if the statement is literal or figurative.
· Evaluate the source to determine whether it is credible.
Statement: “We should raise taxes on the wealthy.”
Source: Bob from Accounting
Analysis: The language used in this   statement is literal because Bob means exactly what he says; we should raise   taxes on the wealthy. He does not use a simile, metaphor, or a comparison to something   else to describe what he means. His language is vague because he does not   provide a distinction on what monetary amount should be considered wealthy. Are   people who make over $50,000 per year wealthy, $1,000,000, or somewhere in   between? Bob from Accounting is not a credible source, because although he   most likely possesses financial knowledge, there is no way to confirm he has reliable   knowledge about government and taxation.
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