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Bury Me in a Free Land by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Analyze the poem and write an analytical interpretive essay.
PLagiarism FRee
MLA Format
Written in third person
It should simply examine how the poetic elements create meaning and effect. It should not contain opinions or other critics’ work. You will have to prove your thesis (idea) about the poem with evidence, using quotes from the poem.
Answer these questions:
What is the point of view of the speaker of the poem? Who is the speaker? Are there characters
described? Who are they?
Are there any other different constructions in the form of the poem? ________ What is the
effect of these constructions on meaning?
How does this form add to the meaning or effect?
What form does it have? sonnet (a poem of fourteen lines using any of a number
of formal rhyme schemes) lyric (emotional, rhyming poem, ), ballaza d (four line
stanza that tells a story, free verse (no rhyme or regular meter), blank verse
(verse without rhyme), etc.)
What is the title of the poem?
What is the author’s name and the date it was written or published
What literary movement does this poem express?
What characteristics from this literary movement does the poem exhibit?