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Based on what you have learned in Chapter 2, Interpreting The Written Word, write a 4-page (4 minute) script. You may choose to write your script for an animation or for live action. Think of this as a script for a short film or one scene in a longer film.
Your script will meet these objectives:
• Write a brief, one-paragraph treatment for your story/script idea – See the About Treatments page below to learn about this
• 4 pages, 12-point Courier font
• Indentation and spacing as shown on pages 20, 22, 23 in the textbook. Each script page represents 1 minute of screen time.
• Script may be for an animation or live action production
• Include at least two different characters
• This may be a self-contained short film (4 minutes) or one scene excerpted from a longer film
• Include the slugline (master scene heading) that describes the location, time of day, weather, etc.
• Include script elements for action prior to dialogue, character names and actor direction in parentheses
  • attachment