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Assignment #11–preparing for Essay #3
hey all, unlike our first 2 papers where you answered questions that you were given, for this next essay, you are going to have a lot more freedom.
First off, I am not even sure we should call it “essay” #3, because even though we will be doing a lot of writing, and even though you will still be expected to build phat paras, and bring in quotes, the FORMAT that you may be writing might not look like an essay. (Those of you who have attended zoom calls already this week know what I am talking about….)
To prepare for Essay/Project #3, we are having YOU brainstorm some ideas about what you think you might like to do. We have been discussing ideas in the zoom classes, and now it is time for you to take it further.
You will be answering these questions in order to develop your possible essay/project. Once you. turn this in, I will be working with you next week to make sure that your essay/project will work. Here are the questions. Please be as thorough and detailed as possible. Don’t simply say “I want to do a project about the Homeless.” That is of course much too general.
The general topic areas that we are exploring is: Politics (this can be local or national) / Community engagement / Climate and Environment …. Of course you dont need to have your idea hit ALL these areas…. one area is enough.
here are the questions:

  1. Please describe in detail, what exactly is your project proposal about ?
  2. What need is being filled, or what problem is being addressed by your project?
  3. Who is the audience for your project?
  4. How will people interact with your project?
  5. What format would your writing take? (web page… brochure…letter…Zine….etc.)
  6. Anything else you would like to add or say about your project?