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English homework help

Read the instructions for Project 4: Proposal.
On it you will find a Request for Proposals (RFP) which defines the funding opportunity and its sponsoring organization:
“The Tigers in Action Foundation seeks to strengthen the relationship between East Central University and the surrounding communities through the active engagement and leadership of alumni and students. The Tigers in Action Foundation is seeking proposals for Community Outreach Grants of up to $1500 for student-led projects that involve ECU students in meeting community needs.”

  • Begin brainstorming ideas that align with the values of Tigers in Action, primarily to involve ECU students in meeting community needs.
    1. List five skills or interests students in your academic major have or are developing.
    2. List five needs you see in your community.
    3. List five community organizations that you admire or would like to support.
  • Now read over this list—are there ways that you can use your skills to address some of these needs? Can you form partnerships with community organizations to expand your reach?

Note: The definition of community is fluid and the RFP doesn’t define it for you. Maybe it means Ada, the city ECU calls home. Maybe it means ECU’s regional service area of east central Oklahoma. Since ECU’s student body includes international students, maybe Nepal or the Bahamas are part of our community. It will be your responsibility to define community in a way that your reader will accept.

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