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Engineering homework help

You will write a 2 page (500 word) essay (you do not have to use APA7 formatting, and this is to be in 1st person point of view) – no sources should be used!
Write how you foresee using the concepts, tools, & knowledge obtained in this course in your future careers, education, or life in general. Describe your current job and if you can utilize any of the concepts presented in this course so far in your current job. Lastly, discuss how completing your degree will help you find a job that will utilize the tools presented in this course.
This practical connection activity should show a connection between data mining concepts and your current and/or future employment.
There is no reason to use sources because you do not have to describe the concepts, only how you use them or will use them in the future. Please just write in your own words without utilizing any sources including web searches.
Let me know if there are questions.

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