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Engineering homework help

Suggested format: Times New Roman 12 points, single spaced, 1” margin all around, APA style for references
Plagiarism: All assignments will be checked for plagiarism using SafeAssign. The similarity Index should not be greater than 35% on the report. You should always provide references at the end.
A) In EA Credit 3: Enhanced Commissioning, what steps in addition to verifying systems performance must be done by the commissioning agent?
B) The EA Credit 4: Enhanced Refrigerant Management refers to the Montreal
Protocol. Explain what the Montreal Protocol is and why it was established.
30 Points
Do some research to discover the source and quality of the potable water that comes through your faucet. Does it come from a reservoir, river, or water table?
Also investigate how the source of your drinking water gets replenished (You can use any online resource but provide reference at the end and write the information in your own words).
20 Points
Design a plan for “your yard” (no matter where you live) that will capture and utilize rainwater. You can prepare the plan in graphical form (rough sketch) on a paper. Please provide an explanation of your plan as well.
50 Points

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