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>Education homework help

this assignment is due in 9 hours…… must have done in 9 hours……
Use the book attachment for some of the text connections.
Do the following: 2 pages
Think about a person who has mentored you, either in your professional or
your personal life:
• Describe two personal characteristics and two mentoring practices
that made them good mentors to you.
• Include text connections: Do you find these mentoring practices
included in your readings or research?
• What did you learn from this relationship that you would use when
you mentor others?
• What other practices do you plan on incorporating into these
2. Write two professional goals for the next year. (short term) teachers aide job
3. Then write two professional goals for the next 5-10 years. (long term) working with kids instructor
• One goal, of the long-term goals, needs to include ideas surrounding
the idea of advocacy. Include your ideas and what you have learned
through research about the need for this particular advocacy topic.
4. For each goal answer the following questions:
• What skill sets will you need to develop?
• Specifically, what resources will you use to accomplish that?
This assignment should be 2-3 typewritten pages (double spaced/ 12 point font
  • attachment
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