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>Education homework help

  1. Ayurveda: Tina Green
  2. Apitherapy: Jatinder Gandhi
  3. Faith Healing : Sehajdeep Kaur
  4. Tibetan: Andrew Mayes
  5. Unani: Carlos Moreno
  6. Siddha medicine: Chi Lu
  7. Iranian (Persian): Trang Nguyen and Grace Valdez
  8. Islamic medicine: Arlene Oliveros
  9. Traditional Chinese medicine: Aiden Van Apruebo
  10. Traditional Korean medicine: Jonathan Gomes and Haley Butler
  11. Acupuncture: Stephanie Buntag and Wan-chien Chuang
  12. Muti: Elizabeth Giuria and Katelene Tayong
  13. Ifá: Selver Serbet
  14. Traditional African medicine: Melissa Rondot-Tuck
  15. Herbalism: Hasan Saiyed and Sultan Bawazir
  16. Homeopathy: Kenette Monge and Zili Yang
  17. Osteopathy : Karen Robichaud and Linh Vo
  18. Chiropractic: Agetseh Apanwum and Yuqing Jin
  19. Ethnomedicine:Sheri Robinson and Armon Sohallian
  20. Ethnobotany: Rafael Tavora