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Education homework help

Create a chart or graphic organizer that compares and contrasts the marketing strategies of two adult learning programs.

  • Identify two adult learning programs and provide a brief overview of each.
  • Evaluate the effect that segmentation, differentiation, and positioning have on the marketing strategies of the two adult learning programs. Compare and contrast how each uses segmentation, differentiation, and positioning.
  • Identify and summarize the value proposition of each adult learning program.
  • Analyze whether each adult learning program is meeting student/customer expectations and delivering on the promise of their value proposition. Support your analysis with examples from your observations and research. (Be sure to site your sources.)
  • Develop a chart or graphic organizer that is appropriate for a professional or academic setting, and that you would use to present your ideas to the class. Format any citations consistent with APA guidelines, and use appropriate grammar and mechanics.
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