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Education homework help

Writing your Letter of Intent is an important step toward completing your application for admission. We encourage you to carefully proofread your Letter of Intent for grammatical and spelling errors as well as meet the suggested word count between 500-750 words.
Compose your Letter of Intent, including at least one paragraph for each of the first three bullets below. When applicable, also address the questions in the fourth point in subsequent paragraphs:
 Your interest in the program for which you are applying?
 What you hope to achieve by completing the program?
 How your personal or professional background relates to your interests and program goals?
** If your undergraduate GPA was lower than 2.80, please include the following details in your letter.
• Are there helpful details you can provide regarding how your GPA was negatively impacted during your previous college experience? Would those variables still exist if you enroll in a graduate program?
• Are there experiences (educational, professional, personal) since your undergraduate degree that serve as indicators of personal growth and predictors of better academic success in your graduate program?
• How might your experience at Concordia University, Nebraska enhance your future personal and professional endeavors?
Please attach your completed Letter of Intent here:
Thank you for submitting your Letter of Intent. One of our advisors will review your letter shortly. Should any changes be necessary, you will receive a follow up email with recommendations.
Major: M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction
Minor: Methods and Curriculum (non-licensure)