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The Newhall shooting deaths of four California Highway Patrol troopers in 1970 was considered the worst loss of life in history by California law enforcement officers.  The two suspects decided to shoot and kill any law enforcement officers that attempted to arrest them during their crime spree throughout the Midwest and all along the Pacific coast.
This video seeks to analyze and dissect each action and interaction bewteen the four CHP officers and two wanted fugitives vowing to kill anyone that tried to stop them.
Your assignment: watch the following Youtube documentary and write a three to five page Interpretive paper describing your thoughts, ideas, perceptions, feelings, and how this video/incident affects your concepts on policing.
Your paper shopuld be 3-5 pages in length, written in Word (only) format, in Times New Roman, 12 inch font and double spaced.  Be sure to check your spelling , punctuation and grammar.

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