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This assignment is subject to peer review. As such, to maintain anonymity:

  • Do not put your name or any other personal identifier on the documents
    • Because you are submitting through Canvas, your name is already appended to the submission in the system, so it isn’t necessary to put personal identifiers on your submission.
  • While Turnitin accepts multiple submissions on one assignment from the same person, for submission here, you may combine your two review documents into one. If you have done this, please indicate this in the comments section of your submission.
  • The number of submissions is set to “unlimited” so there should be no problems submitting your two required Peer Reviews under separate documents.
  • IMMEDIATELY contact Canvas support with any difficulties you encounter in submitting this assignment


The purpose of this assignment is to provide substantive feedback to your peers.
In this way you will 1) expand your knowledge and views of Victimology, 2) learn to appropriately provide constructive criticism, and 3) learn how to appropriately respond to constructive criticism.


Be sure to identify which peer Rlection you are reviewing at the top of your responses and summary report, then answer the following questions. You must elaborate on why you answered yes or no for all of the yes/no questions.Simply rephrasing the question in the form of a statement does not accomplish this and you will not receive full credit if that is all that you do to “elaborate.”

  • Does the author communicate his/her ideas clearly? YES/NO
  • Does s/he directly address all of the questions for the Flash Reflection? YES/NO
  • Is everything presented relevant to the overall topic? YES/NO
  • Is the overall organization clear and effective? YES/NO
  • Are there disorganized parts? YES/NO
  • Does the language seem appropriate for its intended audience? YES/NO
  • Are there
    • Typos? YES/NO
    • Grammatical errors? YES/NO
    • Punctuation and/or spelling problems? YES/NO
  • Does the author take a clear position on the issue? YES/NO
  • Does the author present a convincing argument? YES/NO 
  • What other problems exist?
  • Suggestions for improvement:


  • For each peer review assignment, you must review the Flash Reflection for two peers.
    • You will automatically be assigned your peer Flash Reflections to review shortly after each Flash Reflection assignment closes. Canvas automatically sends you a notification of your assigned peer Flash Reflections with links to those peer Reflections.
      • I also manually verify that each student has received notification of the assigned Reflections from Canvas
    • You will find your assigned peer Reflections in your Canvas “to do” list. It is attached to the Flash Reflection assignment in question.
      • You can also access your assigned peer Flash Reflections for a given Peer Review assignment from the related Flash Reflection submission page.
      • In addition, you can follow the links provided in the Canvas sent notification mentioned above.
      • If, after looking in these places, you still cannot find your assigned Flash Reflections for the relevant  Peer Review  assignment, please take the Canvas tour for students ( This will teach you how to navigate Canvas and find your assignments.
      • If, once you’ve completed the Canvas Tour for Students, you still cannot find your assigned Flash Reflections for the Peer Review in question, you will need to contact Canvas support for assistance as there may be a problem with your account. When you contact them, please have them write to me directly with any issues they uncover.
        • Specifically, you are meant to be reviewing peer submissions from a given Flash Reflection  for the Peer Review assignments. You are NOT reviewing the Peer Review. Thus, when contacting Canvas Support, you need to make sure that you give them the correct assignment name where your assigned submissions are located (e.g. the relevant Flash Reflection). Failure to do so will result in them being unable to help you (and will not be considered extraordinary extenuating circumstances).
    • You must complete reviews for both assigned peers for each Peer Review to receive any credit for these assignments. Partial credit for completing only one will not be given.
  • Due to the interactive nature of Peer Reviews and that your peers are waiting for your feedback, there are no make-up Peer Reviews. If you have missed a set, you will not be able to go back to it or earn points for it.
  • For the Peer Reviews, you  are providing your fellow students with valuable feedback on how to improve their work. Delays significantly reduce their ability to act upon your feedback. Therefore, no late submissions are accepted for Peer Reviews.
  • When reviewing other students, please be respectful and respond in complete, correctly spelled and punctuated sentences.
    • Texting short cuts and/or bullet points will not be accepted as valid reviews.
  • Each Peer Review assignment set is worth 120 points
  • The Peer Review rubric will be used to relay feedback to you on this assignment.
  • Please see the “Peer Review Guidance” in the course shell for further details on how to complete this assignment
  • To complete this assignment, you must take two  separate steps:
    • Submit your written Peer Review in the specified Peer Review submission portal. This is where you submit your work for grading by me. Attachments and/or “comments” are not accepted as submissions for this portion. If you do not submit both of your Peer Reviews here, they will not be graded.
    • Submit your written Peer Review to the peers whose work you have reviewed via the same link you gained access to their Flash Reflections. You must complete the assessment rubric and submit your written Peer Review via attachment in the “comments” section of the Flash Reflection in question.
  • Please note that your access to your peers’ papers closes once you have completed the second step above.
    • Therefore do not submit that part of the review until after you have completed the first step above. If you inadvertently do this and lose access to your assigned papers, you must contact Canvas support and explain that you need your peer review access to those papers restored. I do not have the access to unlock the papers for peer review once step two has been submitted.
      • When you contact Canvas support, you have to make clear to them that you are NOT asking for any assignment to be re-opened. Rather, you are asking for your peer review access to the related Flash Reflection assignment to be restored.
      • If you tell them you need an assignment re-opened, Canvas support will automatically send you back to me because you’ve given them the wrong information. You do not need any assignment re-opened, so do not say that to them. You need to tell them that you have to have your peer review access to the related Flash Reflection restored in order to regain access to it.
  • When submitting your Peer Review feedback documents to peers, please be sure to:
    • Submit separate files for each peer paper you review
    • Do not include your name or any other personal identifier on your submissions so that peer anonymity can be maintained
    • Be professional constructive and helpful in your critiques
    • Do not use demeaning or abusive language of any kind in your feedback.
    • Do not simply put “Yes” or “No” to the review questions without also explaining why you answered that way. Simply writing something like “Yes, the author was clear in his/her argumentation.” does not provide an explanation of why you thought so. As such, non-explanatory answers will not receive credit.
  • Although peers will recommend a grade on your Flash Reflection, they do not influence it. Only I assign the final grade for these assignments.
    • If, after the related Flash Reflection closes, for whatever reason, you cannot view your assigned Flash Reflections for Peer Review, you must contact Canvas support immediately as there may be an issue with your account.


You will be evaluated on how well you identify the strengths/weaknesses in the Flash Reflection as well as on the quality and accuracy of your suggestions for improving it. Please see the rubric provided with this assignment in the Canvas course shell for further details.
Your task is to help the author to improve his/her knowledge of the subject matter as well as their skills at communicating this knowledge to an audience. For each of the two reflections you are assigned, you need to answer the below questions for each Flash Reflection as well as write a summary of your thoughts on each author’s Flash Reflection.

  • Be aware that simply answering to all questions as if there are no problems when there actually are identifiable shortcomings in the assigned Flash Reflections will result in a poor grade for this assignment. Remember, it is your task to help your peers improve their work. Ignoring problems hurts both them and you.
  • Before starting your reviews, you must read the Peer Review Guidance available in the Canvas course shell. This, along with the guidance AND rubric listed for Flash Reflections should also guide your feedback.


The contents of these reviews will be disseminated to you via the Canvas course shell. You should be responsive to valid feedback in your subsequent Flash Reflections.
The syllabus and discussion post rubric attached to this assignment provide the criteria for discussion post grading. To view the rubric for this Assignment, select the Settings icon  (on the top-right corner), then select the Show Rubric button. Alternately, it can be reached by clicking on the assignment in your Gradebook. Please see the Canvas Guide for Students for details.

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