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Criminal homework help

Imagine that county commissioners of a large metropolitan area believe that it is important to develop leaders at all levels of the various criminal justice agencies for which they provide oversight. Because of your experience, education, and publication history, you have been appointed by the County Commission to an advisory board for the Criminal Justice Training Council. The role of this advisory board is to provide recommendations for training focused on developing future criminal justice leaders in county-wide agencies. County commissioners want to know how to develop leaders, what topics should be included in training regimens, and what skills are required for criminal justice executives. They also want to break down barriers between the various agencies, and believe cross training may help to improve relationships.
For this Discussion, review this week’s resources or conduct your own research to develop your recommendations.
ASSIGNMENT:  an Executive Summary (single spaced, no more than three pages) of an advisory board report for the county commissioners. Focusing on development of criminal justice leaders in county-wide agencies, include recommendations for training topics, necessary skill development, and methods to improve interagency understanding and cooperation.

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