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Computer Science homework help

For this assignment, you are asked to reflect on how the technical, team and development process impacts your career interests and goals.  The paper should be double-spaced and between 4-5 pages (assuming a 12-point font), with the following sections:
Note: Please follow the points and explain according to that( in the view point of programmer the essay should be related to technologies, programming language)
1. Introduction
Where you introduce yourself and what your career goal and interests are.  Try to be specific but naming compainies is not needed.
2. Technical Concepts
1. This is where you can talk about what technologies you interest you in further working with, that you need to learn more about, etc. as you look ahead to your career.  It does not have to be specific languages (though it can be), but it can also be frameworks, tools, platforms, etc.
3. Teamwork
1. This is where you talk about how working in teams in terms of communication, project management, etc.
4. Software Development Concepts
This is where you talk about the activities and concepts you related to software development such as the overall process model (e.g. Iterative, Agile) or specific activities like Design or Testing.
5. Conclusion
1. Use this section to tie your reflection in the above areas together.
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