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>Civil Engineering homework help

 submit a summary of an article or news report about something to do with the construction industry.
Consult professional journals (Concrete Construction, Concrete Products, Asphalt Journal, Asphalt Magazine, etc.),
web sites (NRMCA, PCA, CalCIMA, Asphalt Institute, etc.), newspapers, magazines (ENR), or individual corporation
web sites for news and articles on projects, materials, or processes that sound interesting to you.
Organize your summary to include:
1. Title, author, and date of article.
2. A brief summary of the article in your own words, and its relevance to the class.
3. Your own personal opinion of the subject.
4. Reference citation of the source of the article.
The summary is to be typewritten double-spaced a minimum of one to two pages in length,
maximum 12-point font, 1-inch margins, and written in your own words.