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All working must be shown
1. Estimate the MEA circulation rate and the sizes of absorber and stripper for an MEA sweetening plant for the following design  conditions:
– Inlet gas flow rate, Q = 110 MMscfd
– Inlet pressure = 550 psig
– Inlet temperature = 105 deg F
– Acid gas content:
H2S = 3.8 mole %
CO2 =2.9 mole %
– Inlet gas SG = 0.75
– CO2 in treated gas = 0.1 mole %
– H2S in treated gas = 0.25 grain/100scf
2. the working needs to be shown
In this assignment you will need to perform an analysis on a hypothetical discovery based on the following information:
Field Size:                                            1.4 Tcf
Production/Reserve Ratio            7% of the original field size starting producing year 3
Gas price:                                            $3.5/Mcf
CapEx:                                                  $1/Mcf capitalized in 5 years, straight-line depreciation
Operating Cost:                                 $0.8/Mcf
Royalty:                                                10%
Government Take:                          40%
Cost recovery limit:                         60% of gross revenue
Discount rate:                                    10%
Income tax rate:                               33%
Allow cost recovery carry forward.
1. Evaluate the discovery – you need to calculate the total worth, worth to the company, government take, value in terms of entitlement interest and working interest.
2. Evaluate the producing gas reserve – total worth, wor