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You will select a country that you would like to research using this scenario for your Final Project: PEST Analysis Presentation and Report. You may not select Canada or Mexico, nor may you select a country where you have lived or spent a significant part of your life.
You will assume the following scenario as you research your country:
You have been hired as an expert international business consultant by Global Inc. Global Inc. has business units involved in a wide range of products, including such things as heavy industrial machinery; consumer products; and banking and financial services. Although the firm has expanded over the years into other countries, some serious blunders have been made as a result of not understanding the business practices of the countries they were operating in. Global Inc. is now going to make a major, multi-line expansion into another new country. This project is extremely important to the firm, and if successful, will serve as a model for future international expansion. Because of its current financial position, the firm simply cannot afford to make a mistake.
Dr. Vaidya, Senior Vice President of the international operations of Global Inc., has come to you and requested an in-depth analysis of the country’s business practices being reviewed by Global Inc. management as they proceed in their decision-making.
The final project submission will consist of two parts: a voice-over PowerPoint presentation, due in Module 6, and a written PEST analysis report, due in Module 7.
For ​Part I​ of your final project, you will synthesize the findings of your research in a voice-over PowerPoint presentation, which you will share with the instructor.
The presentation must be limited to seven slides, as outlined below, and the voice-over recording must be no longer than 10 minutes.
Specifically, be sure to include the following in your presentation:
● Slide 1: Identify the name of the country and your own name
● Slide 2: Briefly describe (using maybe three or four bullet points) the country’s history, geography, currency, religion, etc.
● Slides 3 to 6: Briefly explain two of the most important political, economic, social, and technological factors impacting that country’s business practices
● Slide 7: Conclude with your opinion evaluating that country’s potential as a business location for the company described in the final project assignment