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Your Practicum and Evidence-Based Interventions

Over the past decade, research has identified evidence-based programs, strategies, and interventions that are useful in attaining community health goals and improving overall health outcomes for a population. Such examples include safety belt use, physical activity, improved nutrition education, and safe sex practices. Think about evidence-based interventions you have studied or seen through your practicum experience or professional practice:

  • Where do you see a gap in evidence-based interventions in a specific population? Provide and cite evidence to show that this gap exists.
  • Cite literature that explains the social injustice or existing systems that cause or maintain this gap.
  • How could existing systems be changed, or which system could be developed to support a change to close this gap? How might you address it? Provide and cite evidence to show that your suggested approach could be successful in addressing the gap.
  • What potential problems do you see with your suggested approach? What additional information would you need to answer this question more thoroughly?
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