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>Biology homework help

LOOK at attached file
• You will work with a fish calling dataset and YOY abundance dataset for silver perch, black drum, spotted seatrout, and red drum
• The data are provided in the Excel file, “Lab 8_Courtship vs Abundance”. The data represents summed calling intensity per evening for silver perch, spotted seatrout, and red drum at station 37M during 2018. In addition, I have included the summed abundance from seines on respective dates from sites near station 37M. Cells colored in grey correspond to missing data.
• Your goal is to create a time series that plots summed calling intensity as the primary y-axis and summed YOY abundance as the secondary y-axis for the year 2018. You will create three separate figures for each fish species (i.e. silver perch, spotted seatrout, and red drum).
• The chart type should be “Combo”. Select “Area” for calling. Select the secondary axis for abundance and “Scatter”. Silver perch “light green”, spotted sea trout “light blue”, and red drum “orange”. Please make sure to include labeled x-y axes; however, please do not include a title since you will create a figure legend. Please make sure that your font size is at least 10.
• Insert your figures into a Word document. Below each figure, provide a figure legend. The legend should provide: (i) a general description of the figure; and (ii) provide your interpretation of the figure.
Grading Rubric
• Completion of the figure, correct format – 40 points.
• Completion of figure legend below figure – 30 points.
• Figure legend content and writing – 30 points.