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Article writing homework help

Open the documents and turn on the Track Changes feature in MS Word. On a PC, click on Tools and you will see the Track Changes option. If you have a Mac, click the Review tab and turn Track Changes on. [See handoutPreview the document and video (Links to an external site.) for more detailed instructions.]

  1. As you read, use the comment feature to pose questions and make comments about the work to your peer. You can also type recommended changes into the document and they will show up in a different color.
  2. Compose an end comment that addresses the following:
    • Address these and other relevant concerns in your end comment:
      • After reading each proposal, what questions do you still have about the topic?
      • What terms need further explication?
      • What is the research question? Is it clearly stated and explained?
      • Does the proposal draw on academic sources?
      • Does the proposal demonstrate relevant background knowledge on the topic?
      • After reading the proposal, do you get a good sense of the direction of the project? Why or why not?
      • What is the writer’s relationship to the topic? Is it clear why he or she has chosen to study it?
      • Which topic proposal appears to have the most potential?
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