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(Annotated Bibliography and Research Paper) MUST be on the same topic. Your research paper must be an argument with a specific audience; however, before you can make your argument, you must learn about your topic, finding information that could be used as evidence.
The Annotated Bibliography is a list of sources you have found. Each MLA citation should be followed by a thorough paragraph summarizing the source and stating how it will/will not tie in with your topic/thesis. These paragraphs should each be a half-page to a page each. Your sources should be peer-reviewed, if possible. Find sources in the Evans Library databases. Your sources should be academic books, peer-reviewed journal articles, etc. If you use sources you find on the web using Google, you will not do well on the assignment.
For Annotated Bibliography:
Find 7-10 different sources for your research paper. These sources should, hopefully, come from the Evans Library and not the open web such as Wikipedia, Google, etc. (Note: Google Scholar is an excellent source.). For each source, create an MLA citation and write a thorough paragraph summarizing the source and a description of how helpful the source will be for your research.
For Research Paper:
Write a research-based argument. Clearly state your audience. Make sure there are examples of in-text quotes, block quotes, and paraphrases. Include a final analysis. The paper should be 7-10 pages (plus analysis and Works Cited), double-space, MLA style, Times New Roman, 12 point.
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