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>Article writing homework help

Find an owner’s manual or instruction sheet of at least 5 pages. Re-write the manual, correcting vague language, tone, and any other style issues, including at least 3 (three) types of graphics. explain how to carry out a task safely, effectively, and efficiently.
Instructions should include:
2.general introduction
3.step-by-step instructions
answer following questions:
6 Questions to Answer in Introductions to Instructions
1.Who should carry out this task?
2.Why should the reader carry out this task?
3.When should the reader carry out this task?
4.What safety measures or other concerns should the reader understand?
5.What items will the reader need?
1.Number the instructions
›May need two-level system
2.Present the right amount of information in each step
3.Use the imperative mood (“Attach the wire” vs. “You should attach the wire”)
4.Do not confuse steps and feedback statements
›Step= “Insert the disk into the drive”
›Feedback statement= “The system will now update your information”
5.Include graphics
6.Do not omit articles (“a” “an” “the”) (“Locate midpoint and draw line” = Locate the draw line? Or Draw a line?)
6.How long will the task take?