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Architecture and Design homework help

Hello as discussed in the chat, please do my research paper. attaching the details below.
details for research are attached below.
details for ppt as below
(This is worked separately, not part of the detailed analysis report).
You will prepare a presentation in which your team presents the findings. You will need to assign one of your team members to work this presentation as a “side project” for the team; updating it as the team works on the detailed analysis report.
You will need to start work on the presentation early, in day 2! I recommend you work the presentation along with the detailed analysis report. Just some thoughts.
The presentation must include (at a minimum) the following:
1) Overview
2) Summary of the topic and cyber issues; to include findings
3) Drill down on the high risks – Discuss why you felt they presented a greater risk to the agency
4) Recommendations for all of your significant findings (don’t worry about the low ones)
5) Research a technical solution (a product or series of security mechanisms), that can help the agency “get healthy”. Describe (in your own words, not the vendor’s words) how the tool or security mechanisms can help solve the risk it is intended to address. This information should be discussed in detail in your written paper.
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