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Architecture and Design homework help

Background: Your company has decided to bid on the Washington County Library Project for construction management services.  One component of your proposal is the submission of a project approach which includes construction site safety.  Your assignment is to include a safety plan for this section.  Please review the RFP (you are only preparing the Safety Plan response to be included in the approach section of the RFP response as an attachment). The Safety Plan is a very important part of this proposal.  See the following instructions for your safety plan section that will be used in the final bid proposal for the overall project.
Instructions:   Your final project is to prepare a safety plan as a response to the RFP (see Washington RFP below).  You (your company) are required to submit each component of the safety plan at the appropriate milestone dates as indicated below.  Each milestone should be submitted in a single PDF, Your project specific safety plan may need to include the following:
· Subcontractor coordination
· Job start-up
· Safety incentives and disincentives
· Emergency plans
· Safety Data Sheets (SDS)