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Architecture and Design homework help

CSMT 350: Green Building Design and Construction

Final Paper: 15% of the Course Grade


Final Paper
Reducing the Carbon Footprint of the Built Environment (1000-1200 words; no less, no more).
Description:  Describe how in creating the built environment, the carbon footprint of its life cycle can be reduced.
The paper must have minimum of 5 citations both in the body of paper and all references/citations gathered together at end with a citation/reference page. 
Submission must be through blackboard in a word document format with your name in the file name; failure of which will result in points deduction.
Emailed (and/or picture) papers will not be graded and will be scored at 0%.
Grading criteria include but are not limited to:

  1. Structure and formatting
    1. a) Spelling and grammar, sentence structure, and general writing.
    2. b) Appropriate use of citations and formatting.
  2. Content
    1. a) Are there at least five data points from legitimate sources?
    2. b) Are the data points appropriate and meaningful for the purposes of this paper?
    3. c) Does the discussion of the data provide a thoughtful analysis in the context of the material presented in class and/or having to do with concepts of sustainability?
    4. d) Plagiarism is not permitted. Content copied direct from sources will be fully penalized. All work will be through SafeAssign.

Note: Quality work will be awarded bonus points!