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>Architecture and Design homework help

750-word paper typed as a Word document. Attach a separate page with 3-5 bibliographic citations in MLA format. Be sure not to use more than 2 quotations in the paper, and each quote should be less than 80 words in length. Make sure these quotations are inside “quote” marks and cite source at the end of the quote with ( ), ex. (Getlein). Your Turnitin Originality Report should not be higher than 30%. Put your paper into paragraphs! Don’t go over 7 sentences per paragraph. Make an introductory paragraph and follow this with a paragraph on why you chose this topic. Make sure this opening state what your central idea or point is for the paper.
[Compare & Contrast Essay] I have picked one artwork each from the three centuries we cover in this course (the file below have the paintings): the 1700s, the 1800s, the 1900s, which I believe have a common theme. Compare and contrast them in terms of the time changes in art imagery, artistic mode, and its subject matter/message. Be sure you make a total of 3 separate compare and contrast descriptions and conclusions, one for each artwork.
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