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Ancient history homework help

Please choose one of the following questions, and post your response of a minimum of 150 words.
1) Discuss Pope Julius II’s rationale for including two classical pagan scenes and two Christian scenes on the walls of the Stanza Della Signatura (located in the Vatican Palace). Do you think that this is a problem for the Catholic Church? Explain why or why not. Finally, find at least one other example of this use of a pagan scene in the Vatican. Where exactly is it located and why do think it was placed there? Support your post with ideas found in the textbook and compare it to those found in your research.
2) The humanist ideas of the High Renaissance provided women with some new opportunities and roles. Some examples are patrons such as Isabella d’Este; the feminist writers Laura Cereta and Lucretia Marinella; and Venetian courtesans such as Veronica Franco. Discuss the roles and impact of one of these High Renaissance women. Support your post with ideas found in the eTextbook and compare it to those found in your research.
3) Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights was intended to be a conversation piece, a work designed to invite discussion of its meaning. If you were involved in a debate about this work’s meaning, what would your response to it be, and what actual support would you have for that response?
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