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MAT153 Unit 4 Project: Zombie Apocalypse

A fast-spreading zombie outbreak has begun on an isolated island in the South Pacific. Assume the spread of this outbreak can be modeled by the exponential equation:
P(t) is the total number people who become zombies after t days.

  1. Estimate the initial number of zombies. Show how you found your answer.


  1. Estimate the number of zombies after 5 days? Show how you found your answer.


  1. What is the maximum number of people on the island that can become zombies? (Hint: Examine the function for larger and larger values of t).


  1. Explain why your answer for Question #3 is the maximum.


  1. The town can survive if it can receive necessary equipment before 10,000 zombies exist on the island. How many days does the island have in order to receive the necessary equipment and survive? Show how you found your answer.


  1. Create an informative zombie infographic on how fast spreading a zombie outbreak can be. Use at least one table of data and at least one graph to illustrate how fast this outbreak can occur.


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