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Anatomy homework help

For this milestone, submit your organ system assessment to the discussion.
For your initial post, describe the organ system you have chosen for the final project in a bulleted list. You must include the following items:

  • Anatomical location of the particular organ system – Be specific – Describe the location of your given system or the organs that comprise it. You can explain their location relative to other organs or systems using directional terms (such as superior, inferior, medial, lateral, anterior or posterior) or include the body cavities or abdominal regions/quadrants in which they can be found.
  • Key anatomical features – which organs comprise this system? What can you tell me about their structure?
  • Key physiological functions – what is the function of this system and the organs that comprise it?
  • Histology – What types of cells or tissues are unique to this system? This websitecan be helpful. (Find your system on the left side of the webpage and click on it to access this information).
  • Some interesting facts, findings, or health issues related to this system.
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