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American history homework help

The political system, by many accounts, is broken.  Money has taken control of our elected leaders and the highest bidder gets House and Senate members – State Assembly and Senate too – attention.  In 2018, Speaker Paul Ryan accepted over $400,000 Mr./Mrs. Charles Koch after passage of Tax Cut.  Bribery?   A bit more on the costs:
Another election cycle ended and another is around the corner.  Cost of 2020?   Estimates are $10 B I L L I O N!  I am attaching a link to an interview with two political scientists.  Their studies indicate some extremely disturbing developments.  I want you to watch and consider:

  1. What does the American Dream mean to you? Do you think the political process is working to advance the American Dream? Explain.
  2. Summarize what the winner take all piece reveals and
  3. What can and must we do about this state of affairs?

I am looking for thoughtful and informed responses.   You need to watch the video to do so.

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