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>American history homework help

Write a one-paragraph (approx. 200 words) reflection on this week’s discussion in Zoom. Your reflection should include:

  • your key takeaways from the discussion
  • what your contribution has been to the discussion
  • what you have learned from the discussion
  • refer to at least one specific example from the discussion

While this is an informal assignment, you should write in complete sentences and pay attention to grammar and style.
You will find the topic, assigned readings, and preliminary instructions for this week’s discussion topic in the class announcement titled “Week 12-Discussion.”
The Announcement also contains the editable Google Doc file with your group’s answers.
You will be graded both on your group discussion document (5 pts) and on your reflection (5 pts). The maximum points possible is 10.
Scoring Rubric for Discussions (10 points total) and the total will be entered under your discussion-reflection assignment.

  • attachment

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