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>Accounting homework help

Answer the following questions in a Microsoft® Word document and save the file on your computer with your last name in the file. (Example: module_01_review_Jones.doc)

  1. What are four major components of an information system?
  2. Apply Michael Porter’s three strategies and the Five Forces Model for successfully competing in the marketplace to a new business and to an established business. How might the strategies differ?
  3. What are three differences between computer literacy and information literacy?
  4. What are two applications of transaction-processing systems?
  5. Provide one example of management information systems in the private sector and one in the public sector.
  6. What are two differences between data and information?
  7. Explain three applications of computers and information systems in the daily life of a college student.
  8. List three decisions that are supported by a HRIS, FIS, and LIS.