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Accounting homework help

Grading Rubric:
CriteriaPointsDescriptionThoroughness/Timeliness0-30Thoroughness: All posts are substantial (4-5 sentences). Timeliness: Initial posts are made by the assigned due date and other posts are submitted on 3 different daysConceptual Accuracy/Application0-30Discussions apply concepts from the textbook, literature and/or   other authoritative sources (minimum number of required sources for each topic from the KU library).  Terminology is used precisely and accuratelyCritical/Creative Thinking0-30Discussions demonstrate critical or creative thinking such as examples or application of the topic or topics presented.  Student offers original ideas or thoughts based on the information presented (roughly 80% of the material is original and 20% is taken from cited sources).Writing0-10Student writes at the university level. Error-free writing is  clearly organized.  Appropriate APA reference and citations are included.
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