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>Accounting homework help

  1. Identify sections of a classified balance sheet. Identify two accounts that fit into each section.
  2. What is measured by profitability ratios? Give an example of how you compute EPS and discuss how it is used to measure profitability.
  3. Define liquidity and solvency. Identify ratios for analyzing a firm’s liquidity and solvency. How are these ratios interpreted?
  4. Use the statement of cash flows to evaluate solvency. Give an example of how to compute free cash flow and describe what it measures.
  5. What are generally accepted accounting principles? Name the U.S. and international standard-setting bodies that establish these principles.

Below attachment is my answers, but my professor asked to “DO NOT RECOPY QUESTIONS. JUST NUMBER ANSWERS. ANY PAPERS OVER 40% ON PLAGIARISM CHECK WILL RECEIVE ZERO.” Submit early and check the score. Then fix your submission so that it comes in below the required amount.However, since english is my second language, all the definitions and answers were in our textbook, and it’s very easy to understand. I did my best to not copying exact words to words, but remain same meaning. If I rephrase the meaning a little bit off, my professor will take points off. Currently, I got 50% on plagiarism check. The plagiarism check is in canvas, different result from other plagiarism app/website, so I need to submit and check. Please help me to fix it below 40%. Thank you.

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